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It depends. If your submission successfully gets into their inbox it usually gets heard/seen by the DemoBox owner within 1/2 weeks. This of course changes depending on the DemoBox you’re submitting to, the number of submissions the DemoBox owner has and the number of people listening to/viewing submissions.

Note: DemoBox do not deal directly with your demo submission, we simply ensure it reaches the label, blog, festival etc that you have submitted to.

You should attempt to contact the DemoBox owner directly for updates, but please be patient as they WILL have your submission and will most likely be working through many others.

You can only contact a DemoBox owner once they’ve contacted you. If a DemoBox owner contacts you, you’ll get an email notification that you have a new message. You must sign into DemoBox to view your messages.

DemoBox is a simple yet powerful tool that allows those seeking musical talent (for whatever purpose) to control the demo submission process with unprecedented ease and simplicity.

Talent seekers create a DemoBox, e.g ‘Record Label X Demo Submissions’. They then set filters based on genre, location and fanbase which ensures only relevant material can be submitted.

They then promote their DemoBox via a customisable page that they can integrate into their website, a widget they can install on the page of their choice or a Facebook page tab.

Artists see Record Label X’s DemoBox and submit either a YouTube or SoundCloud link to one of their tracks. If they get through the filters, their submission hits the inbox of Record Label X, ready for review.

Record Label X’s DemoBox owner then listen to submissions and shortlists or rejects the tracks they like and dislike. If they work with other A&R/talent seekers at Record Label X, they can invite them to collaborate on the submissions (allowing them to collaboratively shortlist and reject submissions together).

DemoBox is for those seeking musical talent with specific requirements and for musicians looking to connect with those in the industry who have previously been unreachable.

If you’re looking for the best emerging music and don’t want the hassle of sifting through thousands of demos across multiple platforms and clogged inboxes then DemoBox is for you.

DemoBox allows musicians to submit their music to labels, brands and individuals who are normally inaccessible for consideration for genuine opportunities.

If you’re looking for the best emerging music and don’t want the hassle of sifting through thousands of demos across multiple platforms and clogged inboxes then DemoBox is for you.

DemoBox allows musicians to submit their music to labels, brands and individuals who are normally inaccessible for consideration for genuine opportunities.

DemoBox is used by some of the world’s biggest labels, brands and music professionals.

Use the DemoBox database to search for relevant DemoBoxes across all categories. From record label submissions to gig opportunities and radio play slots, DemoBox has an opportunity to suit any artist.

Alternatively, look for the demo submission or contact pages on their websites and social media pages to see if they have a DemoBox active there.

Simply follow the steps in the DemoBox widget. It is a simple step-by-step process. You will need to supply a link to your chosen song/music video (YouTube and SoundCloud links only), select your primary and secondary genres, country, city and at least 2 of your social media profile links (Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter).

You’ll find out via the email address you supply if you’ve met the criteria of the DemoBox owner and have successfully been submitted to their inbox. For this reason, make sure to carefully check that the email address you enter is accessible and entered correctly.


Login and go to ‘Create Box’ in your left hand menu.

As many as you like for as many different purposes as you have! For example, you could create DemoBoxes for:

  • Record Label Submissions
  • Blog Coverage Submissions
  • Mix Competition Submissions

Select the DemoBox you want to invite someone to via your left hand menu, then navigate to the ‘Contributors’ tab to add or remove contributors with the blue ‘+’ button.

‘Shortlisting’ an inbox item indicates that you are interested in the submission. Rejecting an inbox item indicates you’re not interested. Every box contributor can shortlist and reject the inbox items independently.

Select the DemoBox you wish to create the widget for via your left hand menu then navigate to the ‘Embed’ tab. Once there, you will see your DemoBox’s custom embed code. Simply click on this code to copy it. You can then copy this code into your WordPress’ or websites source code to display it.

To connect your DemoBox to a Facebook page, simply click the ‘Connect Facebook Page’ button to authenticate your Facebook account and choose the page you manage to embed the widget on. It will appear on a new tab on your chosen page. Note: you must be an administrator of the page you wish to install the widget on.

Only DemoBox owners are allowed to initiate contact via the messaging system. Once you message an artist, they are then free to message you back.


DemoBox collects data from every artist who submits music via DemoBox. As a minimum, we know the artists:

– Name
– Location
– Genre(s)
– Social links

We also give DemoBox owners the opportunity collect much more data on the artist, including:

– Songkick profile data
– Spotify profile data
– Press releases/links
– Signed/unsigned
– …and much more

With all this data, DemoBox creates an automated profile for every artist and pulls key mertrics from over 10 channels (as well as the basic information provided when the artist submits).

DemoBox collects all the important information about an emerging artist from all the key platforms that musicians are active on. This raw data is very uninformative until we turn it into:

1. DemoBox Artist Profile
An automated profile that pulls in in-depth data and media from SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Songkick, and many more, to give you the most complete picture of every single artist who submits a demo via DemoBox.

This data is made even richer when artists authorise their various social accounts with us, which lets us access every metric available on the profile they’ve authorised.

2. DemoBox Score
Our unique algorithm combines real world industry experience and Bayes’ theorem of probability to assign a score to every artist tracked by DemoBox. The algorithm takes into account every metric from every platform that we have access to for every artist and creates an overall score. The higher the score, the better an artist’s career is progressing.

2. Breaking Artist Alerts
The DemoBox score can alert you when an artist is showing signs of breaking. When the metrics that we track from the various social platforms show signs of high growth (as well as other factors such as media coverage growth), our algorithm detects these changes and alerts you. Of course, our data should be used in combination with your own experience and insight, but it can be a very useful tool for spotting artists worth keeping track of.

DemoBox is the most comprehensive resource for tracking the world of emerging music. We track more data on every artist who submits via us than any other platform and present it to you in an easy to understand profile format.

Drill down by any metric or platform you like to find the perfect artist for your needs.

Our Algorithm
Our algorithm has been developed with a combination of over 40 years experience in the music industry along with data scientists from Oxford University. We take our data seriously as we have designed it to be used to gain commercial insight.

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