Discovery by data


The DemoBox formula adapts to the changes in online emerging music. We track different data sources and layer over our trending logic and mathematical theorems.


The holy grail of music discovery, the DemoBox algorithm lets you be the first to spot an artist before they break, which is great for brands or labels looking to partner with the next big thing.


Use the power of DemoBox to search across multiple platforms, overlay your filters and find the perfect artist by audience, genres and more. Searching the world of unsigned and emerging music has never been so simple.


DemoBox has the most up to the minute data to ensure you are the first to find breaking artists

Artist Submissions

As artists submit to DemoBox’s global opportunities, we gather key information and then allow the power of DemoBox to run wild!


The Demobots then crawl the web for any other reference to the artist (including social media/music accounts) to form an automated DemoBox profile.


DemoBox will then add that artist to our master database and start tracking their profiles in order to keep up to date on their fans, plays and engagement.

DemoBox Score

We then layer our algorithm over all tracked metrics to create a score that we use to chart artists. This allows us to spot breaking artists across the world.

DemoBox currently tracks

Daily Submissions






Monthly data points


1 – We pull private and pubic data from all major sources


We track key public and private data, including plays, followers, likes and comments.


We track key public and private data, including, plays, subscribers, likes and comments.


We track in depth statistics from Facebook’s open graph to get an idea of fan base and following.


We track followers, likes, comments and more to see how engaged fans are with an artists visual content.


Twitter is a key platform for engaging with fans. We monitor followers, tweets and more in depth statistics.


We pull data from Vevo to understand how engaged and popular fans are with an artists Vevo videos.

Streaming Services

DemoBox pulls data from the major streaming services to get a picture of how popular artists are on paid for music platforms.


There are various statistics we pull from Google that gives us a good overview of an artist.


We track Songkick data to understand how active the artist is on the live circuit.

2 – DemoBox then looks at a combination of four main elements…



We look at how engaged listeners are with your content by analysing the number of ‘likes’, ‘comments’, ‘shares’ and other positive engagement metrics.

This helps us identify:
– Most engaged platforms
– Most engaged markets
– Most engaging types of content



We not only look at simple engagement metrics, we also look at the wider reaction that your content and social activity has. For example, if you’ve played a gig, we track what was said in the media about it and whether this has increased your fans and plays online.

We judge reaction to a cause (e.g playing a gig) on:

– Social media
– Music platforms
– Streaming platforms



We look at a mixture of fans & followers across an artists social media, music and streaming profiles and then analyse:

– Growth Data
– Totals Data
– Demographic Data
– Geographic Data



We look at how many times video and audio has been played and on what devices and platforms. This helps us identify:

– Growth
– Demographic
– Popular Content
– Popular Platforms

If you’d like access to our data or our API…