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About DemoBox

DemoBox is an artist discovery platform used by record labels, brands, bloggers, managers and many more to discover the best emerging music for opportunities such as record deals, sync placements, festivals, gigs, tv and radio exposure.


Creator First

The DemoBox platform and our alliances only ever enhance value to the creator. Everything we do is based on this principle and this is the bedrock of DemoBox.


DemoBox was founded on the principle that making true connections should be free. Creators should never be charged to submit a demo, or pay to apply to play a gig.

Forward Thinking

DemoBox use the latest tools and technologies to make sure we keep our artists one step ahead and to ensure that we can deliver maximum value to artist and industry for minimum cost (free where possible).

Supported By

Thank You 

DemoBox has received support from some great companies & people to get us to this point. Without them this journey would not have been possible. They’ve all shared the same vision of creating a platform for artists that is truly transparent.

Thank you to Co-Lab Ventures for seed funding this business & a special thank you to the team at PayPal Start Tank London for helping us with office space and helping shape our tech.


Paypal Start Tank Accelerator.

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Seed funding and mentoring company.

Some words from the industry

DemoBox is an easy and efficient way for us to receive demos.

Warner Music
A&R Director

We used to have a promotional mailbox which was a horrific way to receive demos. In comes DemoBox, which has greatly simplified the process for us!

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A great tool for connecting artists with the industry.

Bella Union
Label Founder

DemoBox is a revolution in the way we do A&R in the digital age.

Red Bull
Jonathan Green, Label Manager