Beta Bursters


Beta Bursters

June 9, 2015 Essentials 0

DemoBox Beta was an exciting time for both the DemoBox team and our 12,000+ supporters who signed up to listen to and get their music heard.

We launched the beta as a way of testing out an idea. The idea was a simple one: a website that connects unsigned musicians with major record label A&R, producers, managers and many other top industry professionals. We already had the support and network required from the industry to be able to test the site concept out and so began the DemoBox story…

During the journey of the beta site we came across some amazing unsigned talent, of which Billy Cullum and Mel Jade were two such examples.

Billy Cullum’s track was picked up by Crossfire Management, which then lead to it being heard by Layla at Syco Music (Sony). This was where it all kicked off for Billy and this chain of events led to Billy meeting with representatives of major labels, as well as producers and managers. Billy has been to perform showcases for Peer Music, Island Records and others, and more importantly, his name is now known by the ‘right’ people in the industry (those who can make his career aspirations a reality). As Billy put it:

“I don’t know anybody in the music industry and don’t have any contacts who could help me get the exposure I needed. DemoBox has been a real link for me with the industry and putting my music on DemoBox has opened so many doors for me.”

Billy is now being asked to perform showcases and attend meetings on a regular basis with some of the biggest names in music. It’s been as much about Billy’s work ethic as it has DemoBox that’s got him to where he’s at today so we say, “good luck Billy, you deserve to do well”.

Mel Jade is another hard-working artist who got picked up on via DemoBox which translated into success elsewhere. She is a pop artist from Australia whose feedback sourced via DemoBox helped her finish her album which garnered great praise and ended with her performing tracks from it at London Fashion Week. Mel says that the critical feedback she received via DemoBox’s introductions was invaluable when it came to writing her songs and she would recommend submitting to DemoBox to anyone who wants the chance to get professional feedback on their music.

There are many more examples of DemoBox beta artists who benefited from the contacts and feedback that DemoBox can provide, and this is just the beginning. With so many positive stories emerging from our beta period, we are all extremely excited to see what happens next for DemoBox’s hard-working musicians.

Remember, DemoBox is about hard work as much as anything else. We’re not a get-famous-quick scheme (no such thing exists!) but are a place where you can get your music heard by relevant brands, labels and music industry professionals. The formula to replicate Billy and Mel’s success is simple: make good music, work to build a fan base (use all the free tools out there), submit your music via DemoBox and ensure you promote it to those who support your music. Do this and you have every chance of being heard by those who can make your career in music a reality.

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